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We bring you a unique opportunity to make a consistent passive income and achieve financial freedom as an affiliate networking partner for Asea’s very unique health and wellness products.
This is not an announcement to buy expensive courses, or a get rich quick scam – we make money on SUCCESS, not courses.

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Opportunities Are Usually Disguise as Hard Work so Most People Don't Recognise Them

Ann Landers



The ASEA Redox Technology may just be the single greatest health science breakthrough that we will see in our lifetime, and as you know, breakthroughs create opportunity!

Consider the ASEA Redox Breakthrough:

  • A New Category of Science
  • Heavily Patented with No Competition
  • Life Changing Results
  • Validated by 3rd Part Independent Science
  • Everybody Needs It
  • Virtually No-one Knows About It

Does that sound like opportunity to you? The last 40 years in health and wellness have been dominated by vitamins, antioxidants, exotic juices and essentials oils. The next 40 years are will be dominated by REDOX, and ASEA is leading the charge.

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Your Way to Success!

The Compensation Plan

When you join a Network Marketing Business like ASEA, you want to get compensated for your efforts. The ASEA Compensation Plan is fair and generous and there is something for everyone. Part-time income. Full-time income. Even lifestyle income. In total there are 8 ways to get paid in ASEA. 

In addition to the Compensation Plan, ASEA Associates can also qualify for all-expense paid inceptive trips to beautiful places around the world. Hawaii, Ireland, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Africa, to name just a few!

Currently ASEA has achieved over $800 Million in sales paying out over $350 Million in commissions, with over 30 members of the Million Dollar Earners Club. Best of all? We are just getting started!


You have probably heard it said that timing is everything. As I mentioned earlier, 95% of companies go out of business in their first 5 years? Not great news if you are wanting to build a long-term residual income!

With ASEA you get to partner with a post risk, early momentum company. A company well past it’s risky startup phase but with most of its growth still lying ahead.

ASEA spent the first 8 years laying the foundation by building credibility and scientifically validating its breakthrough technology. Now we are focused on global growth and plan to triple the size of the company within the next 5 years, taking us to $500 Million a year. We do that and we will payout $1 Billion in strong residual incomes to 10,000s of Associates. My suggestion? Don’t miss it! 

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Finally, once you have picked a solid stable Network Marketing Company, with life changing products, a generous compensation plan and once in history Timing, the only thing left is to find the right team to work with. People with experience and integrity who can teach, train and mentor you to achieve the success you believe you deserve?

You want leadership that can offer you proven systems and tools that are already in place to maximize your success! Isn’t it time you aligned yourself with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve?